The Future of Healthcare is Self Care

The healthcare industry will see a dramatic shift from personalized care with a doctor to a variety of digitized options that provide patients with a self-care solution. Read how Artificial Intelligence is changing healthcare.
Meta: The next 4 letter word?

Will the Metaverse disrupt business models? The Metaverse is the latest in the history of games in which players create avatars of themselves and play as those avatars.

Preventing Alzheimer’s as an Older Adult

In a survey about their biggest worries about getting older, 46.5% of the ageing population feared loss of memory. Mind Bank Ai can help you prevent the effects of Alzheimer’s. What other steps can you follow?

“The future is going to be awesome” | Geeking it out with Andrew Weed, Brian Galler and Abraham Gomez

On a talk with Brian Galler and Abraham Gomez from the Blockchain Mavericks, Andrew Weed, our Head of Systems Architecture & Cyber Security, had the chance to geek all about topics such as the Metaverse, Blockchain, NFTs, engineering shortage, digital twins and the awesomeness of the future. Are we ready for the future of AI-enhanced humanity?

We need to talk… about Personal Digital Twins

Our CEO and founder, Emil Jimenez, was interviewed by Eliances Heroes Show’s host David Cogan. In their interesting conversation about uploading your mind and how PTDs are here to change humanity, we also got to learn how a father’s quest for immortality ended up in the creation of Mind Bank Ai.

What’s left to know about the disruptive technology of the future? Let’s find out.

Scaling celebrity influencers with a Personal Digital Twin (PDT)

Scaling celebrity influencers is a challenge and it gains scale after brands have realized the immense potential of Influencer marketing. A Personal Digital Twin (PDT) might be a solution. Seems amusing, but how does it work?

Mental Health Versus Mental Strength: Which One Do You Need More?

It’s time to shift your focus from treatment to prevention by building mental strength before there is a need to treat symptoms. Learn how to build mental strength today.

The Future of Health: From Science Fiction to the Meaning of Life

Many sci-fi movies and tech leaders portray AI as an evil force to be feared, but AI Enhanced humanity could be our next evolutionary step. Read more about human immortality, AI’s view of the meaning of life, and the future of the medical profession

How does Artificial Intelligence work?

Do you still wonder if machines can think? Learn about how Artificial Intelligence evolved from the ancient Greek myths to the real machines.

How To Stay Sane In a Crazy World: Mental Self-Care Tips for a Busy Professional

Want to stay sane in a crazy world? Use these mental self-care techniques and tools for better balance, better focus, better health and better productivity.

Self-Care Sunday: The Tools to Help You Improve Your Body and Mind

We all need to take care of ourselves in order to function properly in our daily lives, both when we are healthy and when we are sick. Learn three simple steps to take proper care of yourself.