How to Improve Your Self Awareness for Healthier Relationships


Self-awareness is key to developing and maintaining relationships with those closest to you. As we become more mindful of ourselves, our actions and emotions, we can gain more insight into how we show up in relationships. Read this guide for tips on becoming more self-aware and building healthier connections with the people in our lives.

Understand Your Emotional Triggers


In order to improve our self-awareness and healthy relationships, it’s important to understand what our emotional triggers are, and work towards managing them. Triggers can be anything from a certain word or phrase, past events, trauma, negative memories, or stressful situations. Once you know what your triggers are, you can begin to create strategies for managing them and ensure that they don’t lead to unsettling reactions and unhealthy conversations.


Observe Your Own Reactions

Start paying attention to how you react when someone says something that triggers you. Take a few moments, take a deep breath and observe how your body is reacting – be aware of any physical sensations such as feeling drained, tightness in your chest or even anger. Ask yourself questions like – What behaviors have I noticed in myself during this conversation? How do my emotional reactions affect the other person and the conversation?

Develop a Self-Care Plan

You can’t pour from an empty cup. For you to show up in relationships with others, you need to take care of yourself first. Develop a self-care plan that helps you stay mentally, emotionally and physically healthy so that you can be more intentional and aware of your needs when dealing with difficult emotions that arise in relationships with loved ones. Incorporate activities like exercise, meditation, deep breathing, journaling or taking a break from technology and getting outdoors for some fresh air to help manage stress levels and feel more connected to yourself.

Look Out for Positive Patterns in Your Relationships.


Start noticing the positive patterns in your relationships. Whether it’s how you communicate, how you show affection, or how you solve problems. Notice what is working and strengthen those behaviors by telling your partner all the things that attracted you to them in the first place. Bringing positive affirmations into a relationship can help build a stronger bond and make both of you feel appreciated and heard.

Ask for Feedback from Loved Ones.

A great way to practice self-awareness is by asking your loved ones for feedback. When speaking to one’s partner, it may feel intimidating to request an honest opinion of what part you play in the relationship. However, negatively charged conversations can motivate us to want to change our behavior and improve certain aspects of ourselves. Ask your loved ones how you can better support them and create a level of trust in the relationship.

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