Scaling celebrity influencers with a Personal Digital Twin (PDT)

Scaling celebrity influencers is a challenge and it gains scale after brands have realized the immense potential of Influencer marketing. Brands are increasingly focusing their efforts and capital on social influencers, but the managerial implications of using influencers as effective endorsers have yet to be fully unveiled. These challenges are plenty and may arise from experiencing different outcomes in different markets or the fact that a certain influencer may be too expensive for a particular campaign.

Now, there is a new solution: a Personal Digital Twin (PDT)! And what is a PDT you may ask? Essentially, it is a digital representation of a physical object, location, or person. It can be a digital replica or a digital model that can be used for a wide range of purposes. Seems amusing, but how does it actually work?

The works of a Personal Digital Twin

In the entertainment industry, it is very common for famous names to have a lot of followers and end up acting as influencers, infiltrating their lifestyle in other users’ lives. The celebrity is usually interested in discussing their latest project, which often involves a range of digital and traditional activities: social media posts, products or technology, articles in magazines and blogs. Following this train of thought, the Digital Twin is the digital representation of a star’s lifestyle, the virtual representation of the celebrity in the digital realm. Closely tied to the unique traits and qualities of said celebrity, the Personal Digital Twin allows brands to harness engagement with users on a whole new level, whilst embroidering presence on virtual environments.

What are some benefits of using Digital Twins?

A Digital Twin provides all the information needed to create an augmented reality (AR) experience. It allows the process of building relationships with consumers to become more meaningful and personalized. The creation of Personal Digital Twins proved to be successful in the entertainment industry, but it is also threading its way into the music one. An example of this was the China Central Television’s Network Spring Festival Gala whose hosts went on stage accompanied by their digital twins and confirmed the usefulness of PDTs in delivering tailored experiences. 

The Australian tech entrepreneurial twins Hripsime and Colina Demirdjian made their way into becoming Instagram influencers by tapping into the potential of their personal digital twins and making the most of the intersection between human and virtual realities and thrust ahead innovation in new arenas.  In addition, Ayanda Thabethe proved that this revolution is not only happening in the Eastern World as the South African TV star has already breathed life into her digital alter-ego to cyber-support the many causes and projects that the physical counterpart embraces. 

How can you create your own personal digital twin?

There are many ways to create your Personal Digital Twin, depending on the accuracy you are aiming for. As you may imagine, Rome wasn’t built in a day and the same goes for you and the immensity of your own personality. Mind Bank Ai’s platform will allow you to migrate yourself to the digital world by asking you questions and storing your data in order to be armed with enough information to be able to predict your responses. 

Through consistent interaction, you have the chance to simultaneously develop your personal digital twin and get valuable insights into your own complex mind. By allowing your story to live forever, the concept of immortality doesn’t seem so utopian anymore, does it?


Is immortality the next step to take after creating your own personal digital twin?

In a world where we are becoming increasingly reliant on devices and data, the idea of using a digital twin in your everyday life will not sound strange. A Digital Twin is the creation of a digital representation of a physical object, location, or person. In other words, you can create a digital replica of yourself or your digital twin and then use the Digital Twin to create your personalized communication across channels, regardless of whether that was done offline or online. It seems that Personal Digital Twins are not so undeniable futuristic elements anymore as they are already creeping into our present life. Acting as an extension of ourselves, the next step should be to grant our virtual twins the same rights as their human counterparts. 

Scaling celebrity influencers with a Personal Digital Twin is a potentially lucrative practice for brands because it eases the interaction between the common mortal and respective role models. Nevertheless, in a future of AI-enhanced humanity, the opportunities are endless. With your PDT up and breathing, the chances of preserving family traditions and passing down knowledge are no longer subject to the confines of the material world. More than that, you’ll also be able to boost personal growth and personality development through self-reflection as well as base proper healthcare on self-care first.

Even if the premise of PDT seems to be falling into the uncanny valley, the truth may be that step by step, we are arriving at the era of (virtual) immortality.
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